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Shakti Series

shakti series

seven month series of day-retreats intended to invoke the divine feminine within


Shakti Series

shakti series

seven month series of day-retreats intended to invoke the divine feminine within

invoking the divine feminine: an inward journey

the new feminist is feminine

Shakti energy is creativity, it's what make shit happen - Shakti is the energy that brings forth life. As females in today's world, we are free to create our own path, we have more power than we think. In connecting with divine feminine intuition, we discover our inherent value and inspire each other to do the same.  As sensitive beings, we are able to connect with a dynamic spectrum of emotions but it also means we need to commit to a self-care practice so we can better support others. 

Every month I invite a different guest yoga teacher into my home to host a one day women's retreat with the intention to inspire the divine feminine in each of us. 

Christianna never fails to inspire when she teaches. Her retreats at the ranch are truly special and have helped me regain focus and strength.
— Heather E
My Day-Treat experience was an unexpected and surprisingly powerful time held in the beautiful space and quietness of Mother Nature, far from the busy hustle-bustle (yet so conveniently close!) of daily life. I was able to unplug and recharge the whole ME. I departed from this blissful day with priorities aligned and fierce intentions set!
— Caryne M

Spend the day with me

LAST SUNDAY of the month

1pm - 6pm

@ Reinstein Ranch


august 27 - bountiful, blissful, and beautiful

With Christianna kohler & Rebecca Bargillis





Rebecca teaches how to thrive in the divine feminine as a householder who has to live in the real world. We will take a dive into daily ritual + mantras and poses that channel divine feminine energy. Question the way we spend out time as women, how we treat other women and how to be authentic with our yes's and no's. Learn to romance yourself, treat mean as just as divine as you and bow down to your brothers, sisters and yourself. 


Thinking about it but still not sure? Email info@weddingyogi.com if you have any questions or want to chat. 

september 24 - whispers to the universe

with Christianna Kohler & Kiki Federico


Kiki is a fire-starter, chameleon, community-builder, strategist, dancer, poet, facilitator and bridge-builder who creates art, designs experiences, makes connections and develops strategy with individuals + companies to change the conversation and elevate women, consciousness and culture.  

She believes it is no surprise that we are experiencing explosive, global growth in technology, meditation, personal development, women's empowerment, environmental sustainability, social justice and cannabis happening at the same time. 

She prefers to play in the revolutionary and consciousness-raising cross-hairs of these movements, with teams moving humanity forward through shared experience. 

Her core mission is to connect people more deeply to themselves, each other, their work and the Earth so we can co-create a more honest, harmonious, meaningful and sustainable future. 

october 29 - find your voice

with christianna kohler & suzanna spring


Suzanna Spring began her yoga journey as a Nashville songwriter for major music publishing companies.

A graduate of Shiva Rea's Samudra School, a 500-hour E-RYT Suzanna has taught at several studios in the East Bay and in the Polytrauma Unit at the Livermore VA-PAHCS. She is a teacher's teacher and owner of Dragonfly Yoga + Wellness.

She describes yoga as "a moving meditation, a dance of strength and grace that unexpectedly brings the mind in tune with the heart."

She is a strong believer that we are wired for music, that all of us can sing, and that these gifts can be uncovered like the fruits of a deep and steady yoga practice.

Through breath and movement, sweat and chant, we'll explore our voices together, and unlock our potential for transformative sound. The power of listening and singing, the beauty of nature, a group meditation, and healthy food will complete a soul-filling day.

past retreats:


july 30 - women of the earth

With christianna kohler & Catherine La O'


Catherine and I attended a training together in San Francisco and became fast friends. The training was an introduction to how the five elements (air, earth, wind, fire & ether) play a role in our individual health and well-being. The topic, once unpacked, resonated so deeply with both of us, we thought it only made sense for us to come together again to share it with you.

Each and every living thing is composed of 5 elements, which fluctuate according to the seasons, our individual nature and the way in which we live our lives. We each have a distinct body type that governs our way of being according to our elemental make-up. How we function and behave, how we respond to these elements in our daily lives and the fluctuations in our emotions, are all affected by this metabolic template within us. In this Shakti Series we will explore our individual elemental tendencies and how our practice can support us throughout the seasons to find internal balance for optimal health.

Catherine's information | liminalspace.net

june 25 - ritual 

With Christianna Kohler & Natalie Shapiro


Through the avenue of sacred practices and ritual, we will come together to evoke and honor the divine feminine and the power of Shakti. In gathering together in this sacred place, we will first honor and call upon the primary keepers of this land, the Miwok tribe. In honoring this sacred piece of earth - which is innately divine and feminine energy - we will then find our unique and divine place upon it through a guided yoga practice. During our practice, we will first call upon the movement, energy, fire and Shakti within you, then finishing with the sweetness and surrendering feminine power of water and yin. 

You'll be serenaded with sound to release, integrate, and to clear the way for a sacred circle, where we will pull upon the pieces from our earlier practices to set intentions and plant seeds for our own divine and sacred exploration.

There will also be time to explore the land, connect with new and old friends, and enjoy a nourishing meal to celebrate the day and offer some grounding before leaving.  

Natalie's information | www.bridgingthesoul.com 

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may 28 - working with worthiness: under the new moon



All possibilities are on the table as you put yourself at the center of plans for your future. This time of year is extra generous with “aha-moments” and dots, seemingly disconnected, finally coming together to make up constellations.  

This is the perfect time to escape to nature where we are all much more able to LISTEN. Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. Together we can challenge your idea of what your yoga practice and self-care *should* look like. This day retreat will help distance you from an egocentric practice as you move closer toward a heart-centered practice. You will learn the balancing tonic of the moment that brings you easiest access to your highest self. You will learn to attune to the beauty that is your ever-changing body.

The waxing moon is a time for spells that attract, that bring positive change, spells for love, good luck, and growth. This is a time for new beginnings, to conceptualize ideas, to invoke.


“When you build new habits, you are creating a new life" — Yung Pueblo


Access new parts of yourself physically, mentally & emotionally through journaling, flow, meditation, honest connection and a family style meal.

april 30 - opening to conscious connection

with Christianna Kohler & LAUREN ZIEGLER



Lauren and Christianna will hold a sacred space for you to let go in order to get in touch with the divine aspects within yourself {and others}. Cultivate absolute presence and experience your inherent power through movement, mediation, partner play, Yoga Therapy and Yoga Nidra.


Lauren and Christianna met in Bali at a continuation of teacher training. They were asked to partner up for a guided exercise that dug up some raw feelings! This sparked a series of conversations about being able to experience the entire spectrum of emotions with an underlying stability. These conversations inspired this retreat.


* Learn more about about Yoga Therapy with Lauren here


Learn more about More Pleaze here

Learn more about More Pleaze here

This day did more for me than I ever believed was possible.
— Kay F

Ayurvedic inspired farm to table dinner will be provided by yogini Lindsey Kraten at More Pleaze. The food will be conscious and playful, just like the whole day! The family style meal serves to enhance our nourishing connections. 


Christianna is such an inspiring teacher with a perfect mixture of warmth and strength in her practice. Her day treat was a perfect representation of that, leaving me feeling elated and whole. And the food was so yummy!
— Deena B

The Ranch

The ranch has been in Christianna's family for five generations. She is bringing a vibrant future to the colorful past. Her intention is to create, hold and share space on her little piece of sacred earth. 

LAST SUNDAY OF April - October

1pm - 6pm


Space is limited so reserve your spot!


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